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20 pigs in Tory pokes

by allanbrame on 31 May, 2017

The Conservative manifesto claims to be a “plan” for a stronger Britain, but – apart from being uncosted – on vital key policies it is utterly vague.
Voters are left in the dark as we are told that policy after policy is going to be ‘reviewed’ or ‘consulted’ upon (sometimes ‘widely’).
No wonder Theresa May has been so reluctant to debate the detail with other party leaders!
Whether it is the threatened Dementia Tax, school admission arrangements or dealing with soaring energy bills, voters are expected to vote now and find out the details later.
That is modelled on the Tories’ approach to Brexit: Leap off the cliff with Theresa May and find out if we have a parachute on the way down.

Conservative manifesto – 20 policies that will require reviews or consultations (link)

1. Dementia tax (Future green paper on social care p.65)

2. Energy bills (We will therefore commission an independent review into the Cost of Energy, which will be asked to make recommendations as to how we can ensure UK energy costs are as low as possible p. 22)

3. School admissions (We will therefore conduct a review of school admissions policy p.50)

4. Elderly people’s winter fuel payments (We will look at Winter Fuel Payments p.66)

5. Subsidies for farmers after Brexit (We will work with farmers, food producers and environmental experts across Britain and with the devolved administrations to devise a new agri-environment system p.26)

6. Fisheries policy after Brexit: (A new Conservative government will work with the fishing industry and with our world-class marine scientists, as well as the devolved administrations, to introduce a new regime for commercial fishing p.27)
7. Regional funding after Brexit (UK shared prosperity fund. We will consult widely on the design of the fund p.33)

8. Visas for skilled workers (We will ask the independent Migration Advisory Committee to make recommendations to the government about how the visa system can become better aligned with our modern industrial strategy p. 20)

9. Rail ticket prices (We will review rail ticketing, removing complexity and perverse pricing, and introduce a passenger ombudsman to stand up for the interests of rail users suffering a poor deal p.60)

10. Energy efficient home (We will also review requirements on new homes [on energy efficiency] p.60)

10. NHS patient care (We will hold NHS England’s leaders to account for delivering their plan to improve patient care…we will consult and make the necessary legislative changes p.67)

11 Taxes for small businesses (A full review of the business rates system p.14)

12. Transport infrastructure (Examine ways in which the regulation of utilities and transport infrastructure can be improved to deliver a better deal for customers and sharper incentives for investment efficiency p.15)
13. Company mergers (We will update the rules that govern mergers and takeovers. This will require careful deliberation p.17)

14. Corporate governance (We will consult on how we might strengthen the corporate governance of privately-owned businesses p.18)

15. Energy prices for small businesses (As part of broader reforms to the business energy market, we will consult on how to extend our safeguard tariff cap to micro-businesses. P.21

17. Building design (We will encourage the very best practice in the design of buildings and public spaces, including a review of the design of government buildings p.25)

18. Reforming the honours system (We will review the honours system to make sure it commands public confidence p.43)

19. Funding for higher education (To ensure that further, technical and higher education institutions are treated fairly, we will also launch a major review of funding across tertiary education as a whole p.53)

20. Access for disabled people (We will review disabled people’s access and amend regulations if necessary to improve disabled -access to licensed premises, parking and housing p.58)

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